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The Office Fridge - Yuck!

We have all heard the advertisements for the “better” lunch meat on the radio where we are to envision the office worker eyeing someone else’s lunch in the office refrigerator. It’s so appetizing looking that anyone would want to call it their own. If only that were the case. The reality is the office fridge is a scary place! Most people hardly go back for their own well intended lunch let alone take someone else’s!

Many companies try to stay ahead of the game by having the nightly cleaning service clean out the fridge (or, gasp!, do it themselves) but as the old adage goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Others would be shocked at how many items some consider “passed”, “old”, or “trash” were there favored dinner of the owner. This causes even more of the rift in the cleaning process. The other choice is to empty the items out, clean the shelves and put everything back in again. This helps the glass and plastic inside but still does not kill the stench coming from someone’s take home leftover fish sandwich from the week prior! NBC’s Today Show aired a bit on the just this subject-the office refrigerator.

TODAY News, Welcome to Funkytown

Check it out! And don’t forget to inhale *before* opening that refrigerator door!

All I Learned in Kindergarten I Can Use in Office Kitchens

Robert Fulghum taught us all we needed to know from The Golden Rule to basic sanitation. We should be reminded of all of these and of how these rules apply to shared space with other people.

Companies have taken to filling office kitchens with tempting foods to keep the employees in the office and happy for the day (and sometimes the night!). This is a terrific benefit to employees! However, if not respected, this benefit can become a big mess not to mention the flies, bugs and other unwanted pests that food can bring. Studies have shown that if a common space is messy it will remain messy. If a place is clean, people will pick up their messes so to not be the one who made a mess. Let’s all be those people.

If food is there and available to you, be respectful of the people coming in after you. Close the containers after you have taken out your product. Put the milk back in the fridge. Wipe down the crumbly mess on the counter top. Use the open condiments; it is not necessary to have 3 open jars of one style of peanut butter within the same 12 inch radius. If you drop pieces of something pick them up; leaving it behind says that you believe that someone should pick up after you. They should not. Every day is the “maid’s day off” and others do not want to work in your mess.

If you use the last of something, throw away the empty packaging, don’t leave the empty box or plastic rings behind; it is not a nice find for the next person looking for the same item. Plenty of trash receptacles and recycle bins are provided within a few steps of where ever you might be. Use them.

If you take it upon yourself to shop around in the closet to find something which may have run out; bring out the whole box. Don’t open it in the closet, take one bar and leave the open box behind. You wanted it, others will too.

Keep the cups in the cup holders, plastic ware in the drawers and the plates and bowls neatly stacked. It’s wasteful to wonder if something is clean or not then toss the scattered assortment of paper goods simply because you don’t know.

Remember what Mr. Fulghum taught us:

•Share everything

•Put things back where you found them

•Clean up your own mess

•Don’t take things that don’t belong to you

•Wash your hands before you eat